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What to bet on live football?

Κατηγορία: Ελλάδα και Κόσμος - 04/08/2023 19:16:12

Football remains the most famous sport discipline. The World Cup is usually followed by at least a billion fans from hundreds of countries, so it is not surprising that the bookmaker strives to offer the widest possible line for making the next bet. Today, you can also place a bet in live mode to get even larger odds and a lot of positive emotions from the process.

What is the best strategy to follow in live betting?

A strategy is a certain system, under the conditions of which it is possible to increase the chances of obtaining the desired result. It is important to keep in mind that the strategies for playing in real-time and pre-match will be slightly different. The strategy is a set of recommendations that have been formulated based on many years of practice. Players will have access to live football Cyprus around the clock, so finding the perfect moment for your next bet is easy. The bookmaker also offers to take advantage of a nice sign-up bonus to replenish your account even faster to continue playing. Before choosing a strategy, you should also pay attention to the simple rules of effective betting:

  • control of emotions;
  • bankroll control;
  • conducting pre-match analysis;
  • following the bookmaker's rules.

The player must always remember that there are no strategies that provide a 100% result. At the same time, a game without a system is doomed to failure.

Late Goal Betting Strategy

This option remains one of the most popular among players who prefer to bet on football. If two good defensive lineups meet in a match, then the performance will be drastically reduced. The score can remain equal even 10 minutes before the end of the match. In this case, you can bet that the team will score the decisive match. It is best to choose the outcome of the total over 2.5 formats if the score is 1:1.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a match for such a bet, you should pay attention to compliance with several criteria. First, teams need to create some good scoring chances during the second half. Secondly, the difference in the score should not exceed 1-2 goals. Thirdly, the teams did not pass the limit, which was set by the bookmaker before the match. Fourthly, the coach has not yet decided to replace his main players in the match.

Corner betting strategy

Also, an interesting option for betting is a bet on corners in a match. This betting format should be chosen for betting 20-30 minutes before the end of the match if the home team did not manage to score at least 3 corners in the previous period.

Several additional selection criteria will increase your chances and choose the right outcome. First of all, the hosts should not lead in the account. Guests should also reduce their activity during the attack. The bookmaker must determine the home team as the favorite. The coach should not replace attackers with defenders. The home team wing players must regularly cross and "flirt" with partners in the penalty area.

Yellow card strategy

Another interesting strategy involves betting on the number of violations that will be recorded in the match. In the last 20 minutes, you can safely expect that the referees will issue at least 3 yellow cards if the match meets several parameters. First of all, the match should be fundamental for the opponents. The difference in the score should be minimal, and verbal warnings should already have been received from the arbiter.

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